Here we go!

14 de January de 2021

Here we go!! It’s hard to sit down today, on the day of my first release, and put into words what I am feeling: excited, anxious, excited, thankful, excited, hopeful and excited. A new music release doesn’t mean you become a new person/entity on that day.

A music release is a soul-baring offering to the world of who you are and the dreams you have hoped for up to that moment. Out of all the songs we have written and produced for release in early 2021, I am glad this is the first fruit. In the sung words, I command my soul to bless God. There is no other way I’d want to start a new year, a new project and a new path, than by blessing God at the very beginning. I bless God for the things He’s done and I bless Him for the things He will yet do.

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